Excursions, tours and rentals on the Conero Riviera

What we offer

We offer you an exclusive service of motorboat or mini yacht rental with skipper, departure from Marina Dorica (tourist port) in Ancona.

In this excursion you will sail along the wonderful Riviera del Conero skirting the characteristic sites from a unique point of view!

During the boat trip you will have the opportunity to penetrate into the bays of the coast, see the characteristic caves and rocks of the Riviera, swim in the sea and snorkel.

On request we organize excursions for fishing trips, diving, photo shoots, school for license, water skiing, bachelorette / celibacy etc. ...

If instead you want to rent and drive a boat, we have a renowned open of 5.50 meters with driving without a license or a semi-cab of 6.50 with driving license.

In addition, you can take the private exam and the practical nautical tests with one of our boats with the assistance of a skipper.

Conero Boat...the low cost luxury!


To savor the sea, enjoy the warm sun and be caressed by the sea breeze... Conero Boat Rental.

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